Currently located in: Seattle, WA

Web development has been a passion and career since around 2009 when I switched from traditional product design. Self taught by the generous open web I started working full-time for small teams in Brighton building many varied sites for many different clients as a frontend developer.

I’m now looking to further my skills and work with new people as a remote freelancer.

Highly competent in HTML, CSS and UI design I work closely with UX teams, backend developers and stakeholders, enjoying a wide view of the project. Larger projects are often prototyped then build out using style guides with tools like Pattern Lab then developed on frameworks like WordPress or Angular. I’m regularly responsible for device testing and third-party integrations like email campaigns, analytics, ads etc and always enjoy trying new things. Day to-day I’m well versed with the usual agile team practices, work tracking tools and GitHub.

My Linkedin profile maintains a list of web buzzwords and formal work history.

I can help get stuff done on the internet!

More practically examples:

  • Build out a responsive prototype
  • Refactor and refine CSS
  • Turn design into frontend code
  • Build pattern libraries
  • Improve page load times
  • Integrate with services like email campaigns, AB testing or tracking
  • But seriously I’m open to ideas and learning something new is whats important




Some select recent projects. Sadly much of my work can’t be shown due to contract, paywall or simply no longer being live, such is the web.



  • While working for Makemedia
  • Responsibilities: HTML, SASS, Pattern library, Gulp, Angular for UI
  • View:

Large Angular application for filtering across a huge dataset. UI was first built in the framework tool Pattern Lab then applied to the Angular app. Performance, responsive and resolution independence was important along with the close development with the UX team. Paywalled but you can still view a demo version. Working as part of a team of five. on various devices


Cannes Lions Archive

Cannes Lions Creative Festival had built up an impressive archive but it was becoming unwieldy, no longer represented the modern festival. A rebuild of the archive with Pattern Lab to build up UI meant the design was rapidly developed and the assets then applied to the new Angular structure. Speed and functionality was greatly improved. Main app sits behind a paywall but supporting pages were also part of the project. Working as part of a team of four. on various devises


Area Sq

  • While working for Makemedia
  • Responsibilities: WordPress, SASS, HTML, jQuery, Image handling, Mapbox
  • View:

A portfolio site for a leading commercial office design agency. The wanted the high quality photography to shine while performing well on mobile, a few subtle animations, professional yet playful. Built on WordPress with many customisations, a complete theme and Mapbox integration with complex sorting. on various devises


Farmers Weekly, RBI

Farmers Weekly Suppliers and Classifieds was one of many classifieds sites produced for publishing giant RBI. Makemedia’s in-house ASP.NET platform was themed and extended for the various publications with many features and customisations. Working as part of a team of four.

Farmers Weekly Suppliers on various devices