Work: The Teapot Club goes Live


The Teapot Club is a wonderful little jewellery company started by my good friends Sidonie and Amy. The have been working hard to create some beautiful pieces, all fashioned from flea market findings and given a charming tea party twist. I was delighted to be involved and relished to opportunity to really have a play with the design and to help get things launched.

I designed the site starting with all the hand drawn components and typeface, producing the words in Photoshop then graduating through to the HTML and CSS along with a rather heavy but fun use of images. The site runs on the light weight Chyrp CMS by Alex Suraci and was really fun to play around with, Aron even kindly wrote a Product module for it. The .twig language made for easy modifying and as whole I would happily recommend it. Sadly Chyrp’s development stared to slow and what was a vastly underrated CMS platform ceased development some time in June. A real shame indeed.

But anyway, go check out THE TEAPOT CLUB, they have some very nice stuff for sale and beautiful photography to boot.