The Christmas Sandwich

Friend Chris Dennis finally released the video for his christmas number one worthy sing-along epic The Christmas Sandwich. The gang took over a country house in Norfolk and did an amazing job of bringing the spirit of the christmas sandwich to life.

A festive, joyful portrayal of the ‘The Christmas Sandwich’. Using all the ingredients from the Christmas Day feast Chris Dennis and his brother Liam recount the age-old tradition his family have carried out for many years. The great Sandwich is compiled using all the foods in sight and is sure to make the most delicious, festive and joyful of season’s treats. Come along and celebrate the yuletide merriment with the brothers Dennis, Trumpet Major and the Swede Michaels Choir and fill your stockings with the Christmas glee! Happy Christmas!

Song By: Chris & Liam Dennis and The Sweed Michals Chior

Directed By: Oscar Lotis

Merry Christmas All (and yes I know it’s still November, get over it).